Dynamic Republic D8

Instead of Designing the dynamic Republic has a direct replacement for the government, how about as a direct governance of a social media platform. Consider things like privacy, security, accessibility, authentication, technologies involved, rules of behavior and how that can be enforced through similar means, content sharing, data sharing, human resources for all aspects of management, advertisement, managing public and private online identities, and the PII involved.

As with all things: how do you keep trolls from brigading?

How do finances play into things? Does everyone have a vote in financial matters, or only those who have their own capital invested? If it’s publicly traded stock, having people being able to sweep up stocks and exert undue influence defeats the whole purpose, yet the carrot for investment is the return on investment. Maybe it can straight up be invested directly by the users? Ha! Advertisers would be directly paying you to look at their ads!

I don’t think a financial tie to the platform should be mandated, that would hinder buy-in dramatically (ha!).

Participating in the governance, at least as far as selecting a primary representative, should totally be required at the startn

Could start with a 1:1 comparison to other social media platforms, to see what works/ doesn’t work.

Drupal: Creating that clone

OK, Mr Pink there’s two way you can do this

  1. My way: GUI tools 
  2. The Highway: Command Line Drush & Git

First and foremost, remember D8 config management is set to know it’s working on the same site, only FEATURES are used to export modules to other sites.  Drupal configs look for the Universally Unique IDentifier (UUID) in the system.site configuration to match to know it’s syincing up the right junk.



Drupal 8: Configuration Sync Directory Setup

  1. Number 1:  what is the Configuration Sync Directory?
    1. It’s an import dropfolder for config files
    2. defaults to /sites/default/files/config_UNIQUEHASH
      1. has folder /sync
        1. has it own hidden its own hidden .htaccess
    3. Change location for sync directory
      1. make new directory
      2. Probably want to copy dat readme file
      3. in settings.php
        1. update $config_directories[‘sync’] variable
        2. relative to Drupal Root
  2. Source

Basement Door

Last Night: Stix’d the entire frame and back/ sides of door, spray painted knobs and hinges.  Paint & reassemble tonight..? let’s see 🙂