Nonzero… month?

So, how successful has my non zero initiative been? Well I certainly haven’t been posting about it as is evident here. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had any nonzero days. I’ve spend some time working on a table, I can spend some time working on a game system with Bennett, I’ve had some ideas sketching, but but I haven’t done any learning of Jubal skills at practice and site building at all, since the last time I posted here. I think I do need to make a habit of doing so, and as I can dictatedictated by voice, as I am doing now, then I should be able to at least make some silver progress report I’m on my commute to and from work so there won’t be a complete communication blackout between myself and myself. As myself is the only one reading this. But as I was saying I just need to push myself to make myself better because I’m not doing it on my own,