I’m not talking about no chinos, rather setting up a Docker Container. Gotta get this together as a part of the whole dev workflow, containerizing the entire environment, for deployment in AWS or other server/ clouds.


So. I can’t just drop composer on top of a Drupal site, it must manage the site from the get go? srsly? And to be fair, this Drupal AND DB both originated from a godaddy install-a-tron, so maybe there’s a load of GD cruft in there which would be good to git rid of. And I did’t really drop in much content, at least that wouldn’t kill me to lose, but I really don’t wa-a-a-a-nt to build a new site for each. again.

Core Update

A post unto itself. I thought I could wing the Composer commands and bam like

 composer update drupal/core --with-dependencies

but, no. 500 errors, drush didn’t think there was a site there, and I had to start over from

git reset --hard origin/master

damn. Maybe I try following directions a bit more.

If you have not installed Drupal 8 using composer, you have to convert your site to a composer managed project to be able to update Drupal using the commands above. See “Add Composer to existing sites” for a step by step guide to manually adding composer to existing Drupal 8 sites that were previously installed without Composer.

well, ok then. not tonight tho

Git Deploy & Composer

So, I had all day confusion, yesterday, as to why my newly git copied site wasn’t working. I had the settings.php right, I had the .htaccess set up, copied over the sites/*/files, I was sure of the DB connection, but Drush didn’t recognize the new Stage site. And, this /vendors/ folder was missing. which WAS in the .gitignore. But once I copied the folder over, BAM site up like nothing ever happened. So what gives?

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Create a Clone of Your Drupal Site

Its time to revisit Cloning my Site, now that I have access with the command line tools, and Composer, Drush and Git installed. I’ll do Stage >> Dev, as I haven’t touched Dev at all yet.

So, change of plans: Stage was not prepared to be cloned yet, both the docroot and the config ought to really be contained in their own root folder for a nice clean git init. I will manually copy using unix command lines instead of git into a nice isolated Dev folder set, THEN git clone from Dev into a re-built Stage, and then >> Prod, if that was successful.